RoboTech Science, Inc. was founded in 2003 as an interdisciplinary service provider interfacing science and technology to deliver solutions for our customers. We are rebranding to realign our name with our services.

Cyberscend is a portmanteau of:

Cyber - computers, networks, or information technology.

Scend - the lift or surge created by a wave.

Ascend - to rise or climb up.


Our Mission

Deliver digital solutions that elevate our customer's business capabilities using information technology and a customer-centered approach.

Our Vision

To earn a reputation for outstanding service, delivering on every project we undertake, and enabling our customer's success by transforming their most demanding challenges into practical solutions.

Our Values

Customers First

Cyberscend has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service and solutions to our customers. We accomplish this by being invested in their success and responding to their needs as if they were our own. By focusing on developing long-term relationships and solving the customers underlying problems, we will be successful.


Cyberscend built a foundation on integrity, which is behaving consistently according to a set of sound moral and ethical principles. We reinforce our ethos when we conduct ourselves ethically and professionally in every interaction with our co-workers and customers.


Cyberscend embraces the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. Change occurs daily by identifying the small gaps and inefficiencies to improve the way we work and produces remarkable results over time. We foster creative and dynamic thinking by challenging our assumptions, constraining our resources, and using inversion to develop solutions.