RoboTech Science, Inc., founded in 2003, seamlessly integrates science and technology to provide innovative solutions. As we rebranding to better reflect our service, we introduce Cyberscend:

Cyberscend combines:

Cyber representing computers, networks, and information technology.

Scend symbolizing the lift or surge created by a wave.

Ascend signifying the act of rising up.


Our Mission

Delivering digital solutions that elevate our customers’ business capabilities through cutting-edge information technology and a customer-centric approach.

Our Vision

To earn a reputation for outstanding service, delivering on every project we undertake, and enabling our customer’s success by transforming their most demanding challenges into practical solutions.

Our Values


Cyberscend has earned a reputation for exceptional service and solutions built on a genuine investment in our customer's success. We focus on building long-term relationships and addressing their underlying challenges to ensure mutual success.


Integrity is the cornerstone of Cyberscend.  We uphold a consistent set of moral and ethical principles, conducting ourselves ethically and professionally in every interaction with co-workers and customers, reinforcing our commitment to trust and reliability.


Cyberscend embraces the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. We achieve remarkable results over time by identifying and addressing small gaps and inefficiencies daily. We foster creative and dynamic thinking by challenging assumptions, optimizing resources, and using inversion to develop innovative solutions.